The Last Christeros

The Last Christeros

Posted On: August 23, 2013
  • Director: Matias Meyer
  •  Genres: Drama | Western
  •  Release Date: 30 August 2013
  •  Runtime: 89 min

The Last Christeros


  • Alejandro Limon
  • Antonio García
  • Jesus Moises Rodriguez
  • Salvador Ferreiro
  • Abel Lozano




In anticipation of our survey of contemporary Mexican cinema, GENMEX (running September 6-12), we showcase Matías Meyer’s THE LAST CHRISTEROS, a highly unusual historical film that takes a meditative, nearly non-narrative approach to portraying the experiences of those who continued to resist the Mexican government’s anti-Christian (especially anti-Roman Catholic) persecution, even following the official end of the Cristero War in 1929. Devoted to the cause, despite their increasing desperation and fatigue, and their yearning to rejoin their families, this band of rebels – whose genuine religious faith and spiritual innocence is apparent despite their paradoxical embrace of armed struggle – trudges exhaustedly through the hills and mountains of rural Mexico, experiencing moments of grace and beauty amid the violence and suffering.

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